I arrived late to last night’s Swink launch party. I wish I could say that’s unusual. It’s not. One friend sends out invitations in both actual time and “MNST,” which is a half hour earlier. I need the thirty minutes to fumble around with my bags and drop things and go back to my office twelve times for all the stuff I’ve forgotten.

Among the readings I missed was Amanda Stern‘s. I tried to see her read once before, at the debut of the Happy Ending series, but arrived late then, too.

Last night I did manage to see half of the readers, including Jonathan Ames, Daniel Alarcón, Nelly Reifler and David Hollander. I’d seen all but Alarcón read before. They put in excellent performances, although a handful of glossy-lipped socialites standing near my friend and me were rude and noisy while Alarcón read. It was hard to hear him.

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you know I’m going to say Ames’ reading was the highlight. Well, it was. See him read, if you haven’t, before he gets too famous.

As I slipped off to take the train back to BFE Brooklyn, I found out that the story I submitted in February has been accepted for Swink‘s debut web issue. You know your writing is better than mine, right? So submit your story today.