Private: Solaris author denounces Soderbergh’s film

Stanislaw Lem, author of Solaris, announced after the release of the Soderbergh adaptation that “he had no intention of seeing the film,” and “was troubled by its emphasis on romance at the expense of deeper philosophical concerns.”

Lem’s novel, among other things, “is a veiled attack on Marxism and its claim to have replaced religious mystery with a science of human history.”

Had he intended Solaris merely to be the “story of love between a man and a woman, Lem wrote, he could have just called it ‘Love in Outer Space.'” (Link via Bookslut.)

I was so moved by Tarkovsky’s 1972 production that I haven’t been able to bring myself to see the Hollywood remake.

I’ve even tried to muster up enthusiasm, especially in light of some positive reactions from friends whose opinions I respect (e.g., Darice), but it hasn’t worked.

And now that Lem has weighed in, I know I won’t see it.

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