Paris Review, more

The Paris Review plans to hold its 50th anniversary celebration despite Editor George Plimpton’s death. Plimpton had planned to attend a Hemingway festival in Havana and a Playboy anniversary party this week. (Both links via MobyLives.)

Barnes & Noble will reissue The Stones of Summer, Dow Mossman’s debut novel. The book fell into obscurity until it became the subject of a film released this year. Barnes & Noble is using the reissue to test its retail competitors’ receptivity to the books it publishes. (Via Moorish Girl.)

At Superfluities, G. Hunka writes about chain bookstores.

Bargain book wholesalers are finding that the Internet “promises to make the book wholesaling business more competitive and potentially more profitable.” (Via MobyLives.)

A negative review of Detroit Free Press staffer Mitch Albom’s new book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, was removed from the Free Press by an editor who thought it was too negative.

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