NYTBR editor search starts over

Bill Keller is restarting the search for a new Book Review editor at the New York Times in the wake of Adam Moss’ departure:

When Mr. Moss was in charge of the search, he had emphasized that the paper was looking for continuity in its next Book Review editor. “We’re big fans of The Book Review we publish now,” Mr. Moss told The Observer in late November. The Times, he said, was looking for someone who had “his or her own ideas,” but said: “The important thing is, we’re not looking for radical change.” According to Times sources, however, Mr. Keller and Ms. Abramson are now looking for just that—radical change, in the form of someone who is ready to overhaul the book review, streamlining and changing its editorial process and its staff. They don’t have long to find that person: In the Friday the 13th meetings, Mr. Keller promised that a new editor would be named by the end of this month.

They have their work cut out for them. One source wondered whether potential candidates weren’t turned off by recent speculation that Mr. Keller wanted to take the review “down-market.”

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