Private: Introducing Sean Carman

Sean Carman has written humor for the likes of Comedy Central, McSweeney’s (including the forthcoming Best of Humor anthology), and The Big Jewel.

Here’s an excerpt of his “From the Found Notebooks of the Members of Homer’s Writing Group“:

Re: “The Odyssey”

H: Another solid story from the group’s most prolific member! And we’d barely finished workshopping the Iliad! A lot going on here that I like….

Nice arc to the story, and I’m heartened you let the plot play a larger role in this one — sustains the dramatic tension, and provides some fascinating twists! The Cyclops is wonderful! You have such an imagination! A little confused as to why they have to spend so long in the cave, though. Maybe they could feed Cyclops the wine a little earlier, to make him fall asleep sooner? That would quicken Odysseus’ escape, cut the scene short and pick up the pace. Then you could interpose a plot complication on their return to the ship, for a more satisfying denouement….

Beyond humor, Sean writes short fiction, which has appeared in Surgery of Modern Warfare, Pindeldyboz, and the current print issue of Monkeybicycle. Another piece is forthcoming in Bridge Magazine.

Also skilled at reviews and reportage, he has contributed criticism to Exquisite Corpse and Literary Potpourri, and his articles about Seattle’s visual arts scene pop up frequently in Art Access. His full writing credits, too extensive to mention here, are available online.

As if these accomplishments weren’t enough for one man, Sean is also a photographer and an environmental lawyer. His keen wit and analytical mind notwithstanding, he is one of the most self-effacing writers I know. Even over the Internet he has a gentle quality that makes him seem like somebody you’d want your single girlfriends to meet.

I leave you in his hands, and with one of his Recently Channeled Dorothy Parker Poems:

College Drinking Days

Of all the college pastimes
I discovered and indulged in,
Gossip, study, romance,
I most loved drinking gin.

I found that when I cut it
With just a smidgen of vermouth
It made others more appealing,
My wit that much more couth.

Then early in my sophomore year
I happened to discover
That Bloody Marys in the morning
Helped me to recover.

It was then I stopped because
I saw where things were leading.
The deeper that you cut, you know,
The harder stops the bleeding.