Introducing Josh Melrod

Josh Melrod, a Co-Editor of Land-Grant College Review, has written a very short story that appears online. It’s entitled Siblings in a Motel Room Watching Porno After a Funeral and goes like this:

“Turn this off, butthead!” Caroline exclaimed. She threw a pillow at Reggie, but his gaze remained fixed to the television.

“It’s free,” he said.

With Tara Wray, Josh has attended the Summer Literary Seminars in St. Petersburg, Russia. He tried out the writing MFA program at Washington University in St. Louis with Land-Grant Co-Editor Dave Koch but fled under cover of darkness during his first year.

Josh was born in Chicago. He spent his early childhood in Boston, and was raised mostly in Potomac, Maryland, “a semi-pastoral suburb of Washington, DC whose farms have recently been displaced by gigantic housing developments.” In the last four years he’s lived in Boulder, Los Angeles, Nantucket, St. Louis, and now Manhattan. November in New York is cold, windy, rainy, he says, but he loves it.

Josh anticipates that the second issue of Land-Grant will be out late this winter. He’s the third-to-last Friday guest ever, and he’ll treat you right.

Happy weekend, everyone.

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