Private: Introducing Carrie A.A. Frye

This weekend I head up to my sister’s place in Northampton, Massachusetts, for her partner’s 30th birthday. I’ll return on Tuesday just in time to read at Lindsay Robertson‘s Ritalin Reading Series at Pianos (scroll down on the linked page to Tuesday, the 27th) at 8 p.m. There’s a nice write-up about the series in the current issue of Time Out New York.

More importantly: next Monday and Tuesday Carrie A.A. Frye of Asheville, North Carolina will guest-host.

Not only is Carrie, or CAAF, as we call her around here, the most clever and natural email correspondent ever, but she’s thoughtful. She first emailed last fall when I was bitching about having to visit my mom in Asheville and offered to shepherd me from bar to bar at night to dull the pain. I wanted to take her up on the invitation, but I was too busy being miserable.

CAAF’s always sending me cackle-inducing and thought-provoking email about writers and books and politics. She reviews and writes about books for Asheville’s alt-weekly, and she’s working on a novel about witches. Steph and I can’t wait to read it.

This is CAAF’s blog debut, but stay tuned. She’ll be starting her own site soon.