Interview with Joyce Carol Oates

From a Newsweek interview with Joyce Carol Oates:

Do you ever worry about the sheer volume of your work diluting the impact of any individual book?

I think that’s inevitable. If one publishes a couple books year, I don’t think one can avoid that. But I’m not trying to create an image of myself or have a career that’s necessarily sculpted or guided. I’m more interested in individual projects. So if I have an idea, I want to execute that idea the best I can. When it becomes published, like “Rape: A Love Story,” it passes over into what we call production. The editors find a cover for it and I work with them with the cover art and the design of the book, which to me is very excited because it’s an aesthetic production. To me it has a luminosity; there can be beauty in the physical look of the book.

(Thanks to Emma for the link.)

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