Interview with James Hynes

Michael Schaub conducts a highly entertaining interview with the brilliant and unaffected James Hynes. Hynes talks at length about his novels and criticism and recalls Michael Moore’s stint at Mother Jones. (Hynes did TV criticism for the magazine at Moore’s invitation.) Here’s an excerpt:

Yeah, it was kind of a culture clash, because Michael’s kind of a double-edged sword. You know, I like his politics, and I like the fact that he says things nobody else will say. But I don’t think it’s any secret that he can be difficult. He kind of blew into Mother Jones and kind of pissed off a lot of people right away, and they didn’t like it, so they canned him. And since he was the date that brung me, I figured I owed it to him to send a letter to resignation. But like I say, I don’t think anyone at Mother Jones really cared whether I resigned or not.

He also talks about the inspiration for Charlotte, the cat that meets a terrible death in the first novella of Publish and Perish. As a budding cat lady, I keep meaning to write a post about Charlotte, Edgar Allan Poe’s black cat, and other unhappy felines in literature.