Indie 500 short-short fiction contest

Chrysse Everhart’s Channels takes first prize in Asheville, North Carolina’s Indie 500 short-short story competition. An excerpt:

Nan’s friend, Moira, says her New Age guru asks, “What lessons are we learning?” whenever Moira gripes about a problem. Nan wants to slap her. The guru that is. She’s never met the woman, but the second-hand question makes her growl over the checkbook. “What can you learn from a sewer pipe?” She has gotten close enough to it. Not often or long enough. But she’s paid money, lots of it, to sunburnt proxies in workboots who haven’t learned anything either, unless they’re holding out on her.

Robert McGee’s takes second place. Creed’s Land by C.L. Johnson is third.

One of the judges of the competition (and a much-loved correspondent around these here parts), Carrie A. A. Frye, suggests some reading:

It seems only right that a list of recommendations of great short fiction be just that: short. So with a respectful nod, we’ll hop over the Sakis and O. Henrys, the Cheevers and the Weltys, and move to the quick (by which I mean practitioners of the short story) who are still quick (by which I mean: still living).