Private: I’m not an electro aficionado, but some of my loved ones are

Still fabulous.  Photo by Maximus ClarkeMr. Maud offers a detailed report on, and photos from, the Outsider Electronic Music Festival, held Friday night at the newly-opened Crobar. “The Crobar concept in a nutshell: New York imitating South Beach imitating New York,” he says:

The place is clearly trying to recapture the mythic ’80s NYC club-scene vibe. Will it succeed? Maybe last night it came as close as it ever will, thanks to the diversity of the crowd. It was about 40% Chelsea boys, 15% bridge-and-tunnel folk (those who got past the inspection outside – some didn’t, and made quite a ruckus about it), 15% studiously scruffy Williamsburg types, and 10% goths and punks, with the balance a mix of stylish, multiethnic, generic Manhattan Nightlife People. The mix never quite gelled, but maybe that’s the point. (ElectroCLASH, right? Oops, I said the E-word)….

So was the Outsider Fest a success? Not every act was worth writing home about. But even a devoted New York scenester would have a hard time taking in such a wild variety of sounds and performances over an entire year of clubhopping. Larry Tee deserves credit for dishing out another flavorful smorgasbord of live, and lively, electronica.

Photo by Maximus Clarke