I’m all hooded eyes…

Even so, after this week of terrific posts, I can hardly wait for the launch of CAAF’s new site on Monday. Although I must say I do hope we get to read about the pleasant, well-mannered Bronte sisters first. That funky masturbating uncle hanging upside down from the monkeybars can just wait until he�s sobered up a little.

Frye, we�re really going to miss the too-tight hot pants, the red sequinned top, and the baton twirling around here. Although, come to think of it, I’m not sure you should be sporting that stuff now that you�re as old as Jesus.


I think we should all chip in and get you something a little more professional. Forget the nametag. When you turn up to one of your fancy business luncheons in one of these, well, let’s just say there’s “no way nobody’ll forget your name. No how. Nuh uh. Never.” Erm. Or something.