Private: LGCR debuts

Yesterday I received my copy of Land-Grant College Review. I read it, cover to cover, before I went to sleep last night.

I tell you: do not let another day slip by before you buy a copy for yourself. A rundown:

Aimee Bender outdoes herself with “I Will Pick Out Your Ribs (From My Teeth),” a story about a guy whose girlfriend attempts suicide so often that when he goes to the emergency room he has already read all of the magazines. He says:

When I look for the crossword puzzles, they’re filled in, and worse: they’re filled in by me. And I can’t even correct myself because I still don’t know the same answers I didn’t know the last time I was here.

The stories by Robert Olmstead and Thaddeus Rutkowski are outstanding, as you’d expect, and so are most of the others.

Dave Koch’s excellent “Paul is Dead” even inspired a nightmare that Paul McCartney really did die, and was resurrected on an episode of Miami Vice.

(Actually, that’s a lie. But it could have inspired that nightmare.)

So order your copy now, and maybe it will arrive before the launch party, which is happening at Galapagos on Tuesday, July 1st, at 6:30 p.m.