Private: I Used to Believe

This post was written by guest blogger Stephany Aulenback.

I used to believe that all men could take out their two front teeth. (My father got his knocked out playing hockey and for a while he wore false ones on a removable retainer.) I remember being annoyed at how unfair it was that women couldn’t do it. Here’s a great collection of people’s childhood beliefs. Contribute your own. Like:

I used to think that people only had house numbers (for their address) if they had children.

When I was little my mom told me that little animals used to live in the shells we found on the beach. I wanted one of those miniature giraffes and elephants so bad!

I used to believe that in the winter time if everybody would open their doors that the outside would warm up and no one would have to wear a coat to keep warm. It was so odd to me that the inside the house was so warm, the outside so cold, but if everyone could just warm up the outside by opening the doors so the heat would go outside.

(Thanks again to Ed for the link!)