“I am only a man who writes.”

Today’s New York Times runs an essay written two years ago by Raúl Rivero, 57, a poet and Cuba’s best-known independent journalist. Earlier this month, the Cuban government tried and sentenced approximately 80 writers and dissidents, including Mr. Rivero, to lengthy prison terms.

“The letter of the law concerning the protection of national independence and the economy in Cuba allows the authorities in my country to sentence me to prison because of the only sovereign act I have performed since I gained the use of my reason: writing without being dictated to,” Mr. Rivero wrote. His essay originally appeared in La Nación, a newspaper published in Argentina. (Link via TMFTML.)

Last week an El Nuevo Herald editorial listed some of the other writers and dissidents who were jailed under the law. Víctor Rolando Stream, a contemporary Cuban poet, was one of them.

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