Happy Birthday City Lights!

This post was written by guest blogger Stephany Aulenback.

From the San Francisco Chronicle: City Lights Bookstore Turns 50.

Fifty years have passed since it opened, during which North Beach has seen the flight and return of artists and writers as rents fluctuate. But the bookstore has stayed right there, a mecca for the dispossessed and the disenchanted, the poets and the pilgrims.

As part of the celebration, City Lights ran an essay contest on “How a Book Changed Your Life.”

A quick scan of the 300 entries reveals a range: “A Confederacy of Dunces,” “Dark Elk Trilogy,” “Under the Tonto Rim” by Zane Grey and one by an angry 10-year-old who liked “Charlotte’s Web” but is not happy that the spider dies in the end. “Just because of that small incident I gave it a 5.”

So, has a book ever changed your life? Send an email on that subject to stephkau@hotmail.com and I’ll post a couple of your stories here before I log off for the day.

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