Hands-on guide to bestseller writing

Some years ago, John Warner wrote a series of intentionally misguided writing tips, including “Rounder Characters in No Time Flat!,” that serve as the foundation for a new book entitled Fondling Your Muse: Infallible Advice from a Published Author to the Writerly Aspirant, A Hands-on Guide to Writing Your Very Own New York Times Bestseller.

The book’s official site is down at the moment. But there you can find Blurb-O-Matic, an automatic glowing literary blurb generating tool. And, says Mr. Warner:

The good folks at VidLit have also produced a Flash animated video of an
excerpt from the book that is viewable here.

I think we can all agree that nothing says “read a book” like a short internet movie.

But my favorite John Warner piece is “David Brooks Also Eats Cereal.” (If you don’t know who David Brooks, A/K/A That Vile Crackpot, is: educate yourself, and then go clean your room, or read What’s the Matter with Kansas? or All the President’s Spin or something.)

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