Guest-Blog Photo Project

For those of you who detected, in the last post, an unfortunate mix of superficiality and misplaced self-aggrandizement, we here at sincerely apologize. It seemed important, at the time, to explain our failure to purchase a certain security in the context of a past failed relationship. We won’t let it happen again. To make it up to you, we have two humble offerings.

First, earlier tonight, my friend Lara and I were two of the last people in America to see Spellbound, and people, this movie is phenomenal. Go see it. It’s amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an artful and moving documentary.

Second, I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of the wit on display every day on the marquees of Seattle’s movie houses. So tonight, before putting in these entries, I drove around Seattle and snapped a few for your viewing pleasure.

At the Guild, which is where we saw Spellbound, I talked to the manager (because when you have a camera, people want to talk to you, which is nice), who said that “Masked and Anonymous” begins there next week, and the marquee they are thinking of going with is “‘Masked and Anonymous’ means never having to say you’re sorry.” I think that’s brilliant.

Anyway, for what these are worth, here’s what a photography project can look like if it occurs to you on the drive home from work, and you put about an hour into it before it’s due, and not much more time thinking it through. I will add that one thing I learned is that the Harvard Exit and the Egyptian don’t even have real marquees, let alone marquees with snappy sayings, whereas before I started this miniature project (approx. one hour ago) I would have bet you they had both. In fact, I drove to both of them, assuming I would find suitably witty marquees on each theater. But no luck. Sigh.

Enjoy this quasi-tour of Seattle’s movie marquees (how does one pluralize “marquee” anyway?):

The Guild 45th on 45th and Meridian, in Wallingford:

The theater next-door:

Two sides of the Neptune Theater, in the U District:

Finally, I wanted to include the Lusty Lady, a downtown strip joint famous for the double entendres, or doubles entendre (we’re suffering from a creeping plurals problem here on Maud-blog, but we hope to have it under control by tomorrow), on its marquee (which is not, itself, a double entendre, or at least we don’t intend it as one — at this point you may have to diagram this sentence) but what they have on their marquee tonight just didn’t make the grade. Sorry ladies.

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