Greetings and advance apologies


It’s sort of late. I feel like one of those all-night talk radio djs, and that the only people listening to me are angry loners driving around in the rain.

So: I just got finished making a mix cd for a girl that I am maybe into. Now that it is done, I have realized that Bo Carter’s “Don’t Mash My Digger So Deep” was probably too suggestive. Crap. I am lousy at girls.

Anyway, I’m going to do my best filling in for Maud. That is all I can promise. I do not, generally, know where to find good things on the world wide internet. I am a fair talent at checking my email and occasionally buying products online (just this week I paid far too much money for a new duvet) and perhaps even sometimes prowling the literary sites and marveling at the wealth of talent out there in cyber-lit-land.

So, as Maud has mentioned, my mandate is to only post links from Canadian sites. I do not know if this is reasonable. We will see.

For now, though: goodnight.

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