Private: Goodbye to affordable haircuts?

I adore my salon. Luis, my stylist, always does a fantastic job. And I pay just over $100 for a cut and single-process color. Take my word for it: that’s a coup in Manhattan. But the reasonable price is dependent on the salon’s continued (relative) obscurity.

So I wasn’t thrilled when a co-worker sent me this message today:

I go to Gemini last night to get my hair done and guess who was also getting her hair done–Monica Lewinsky!!!!

Not that I begrudge Ms. Lewinsky good haircuts. Not at all. Just that I hope she either hated what they did with her hair or keeps her mouth shut.

Neither option seems likely.

When she used to go to the Grey Dog in the mornings for coffee, the place was overrun with locals and tourists hoping for a Monica-sighting. And when she joined my old gym (I had a good deal through work), it got so crowded I that I cancelled my membership.

(OK, I confess that I actually cancelled the membership because I never went, but when I did go the place was packed.)

Anyhow, here’s a great remark reportedly made by one of the male stylists after Ms. Lewinsky left the salon: “I’ve done more of what she’s famous for than she ever did.”

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