Geeking out

MUDs are kind of an online version of Dungeons & Dragons, or at least that’s my understanding. They’re text-based Internet role-playing games, anyway. And a couple of guys I knew in college flunked out of school because they were so addicted to Mudding.

These days MUDs are losing ground to graphics-based, pay-for-play games like EverQuest. I mentioned a few weeks ago that my stepfather is an EverQuest addict. The recently-published Codex, which I haven’t read yet, deals with Internet gaming addictions, probably of the EverQuest sort. Anyway, last weekend in The Scotsman, Stewart Kirkpatrick considered why Mudders are deserting MUDs:

obviously great technical leaps forward like *gasp* graphics have hit text games hard, But I think snippets like this from Cthulhumud have a lot to do with it:

Cthulhumud: You get a cylindric glass container from a wicked black cabinet.
Me: open container
Cthulhumud: That’s not a container.
Me: open container
Cthulhumud: That’s not a container.
Me: inventory
Cthulhumud: You are carrying: a cylindric glass container
Me: open container
Cthulhumud: That’s not a container.
Me: yes it is, you’ve just told me i’m carrying a container
Cthulhumud: You say ‘yes’
Me: open damn container
Cthulhumud: There is no damn here.
Me: insert container sideways into your I/O port you stupid piece of junk
Cthulhumud: Type COMMANDS for a list of valid commands.
Me: right you moronic swine, if you don’t let me open the container that you describe as a container I will pound my fist into the screen, reach down my internet connection and pull your innards out
Cthulhumud: You will kill randomly.
Me: Now, now you finally understand. Let’s try this one more time.

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