Former president Clinton completes memoirs

Although Bill Clinton’s publisher recently expressed concern about the publishing schedule, the media are reporting that the memoir will go on sale in late June, as planned. The former president apparently finished writing the book yesterday and submitted the manuscript to his editors. He says he’s glad to be free from “writers’ jail.” The final book, unimaginatively titled My Life, will run about 900 pages.

The Telegraph‘s Helen Brown writes:

Allison & Busby is publishing the political satirist Molly Ivins’s Who Let the Dogs In? next year. Ivins’s column has been syndicated across America for the past 30 years and she has now produced a “Hall of Fame of America’s most amazing and outlandish politicians”. It will be interesting to see if Clinton’s estimation of his career matches Ivins’s.

When he left office, she remarked: “There’s been a lot of wasted time and a lot of wasted talent these eight years. Clinton’s greatest strength is that he’s like one of those round-bottomed children’s toys – you dump him over and he pops back up.”