Forget Solomon

The Old Hag kicks off her review (for the NYTBR) of Patrick McCabe’s Call Me the Breeze with a proverb suited to any reading experience: “Beware of the story that comes bearing many typefaces.”

Also in this week’s issue, Jay McInerney clearly prefers the latest Amis novel to Tibor Fischer’s Voyage to the End of the Room:

The British novelist Tibor Fischer seems to have calculated, quite correctly as it turns out, that a spectacularly nasty review of a more celebrated writer would garner a great deal of attention for his own simultaneous offering. (Sorry, I tried, but I couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room.) The British press jumped all over this story as if a man had bitten a dog, and the furor was reported here last summer as if we hadn’t seen similar career moves on this side of the ocean. I only wish that Fischer’s new novel, “Voyage to the End of the Room,” were as single-minded and intemperate as his now famous, crotch-kicking review in “The Daily Telegraph” of Martin Amis’s “Yellow Dog” — or for that matter, as intemperate as “Yellow Dog” itself.

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