Finish writing Ian Rankin’s short story

Ian Rankin, Sue Townsend, Fay Weldon, and five more British novelists each will write the first half of a story for BBC3:

Their work will be published in a leaflet and distributed to coffee shops, libraries and on the internet.

Readers will have six weeks to complete their chosen tale, with the winners showcased on BBC Three later this year.

This competition reminds me of Swink magazine’s call for “damaged darlings” submissions. It’s a similar idea, but without the famous novelists:

Damaged Darlings is a section for collaborative writing in which one author hands off a story of theirs that’s been abandoned for whatever reason, to another writer they trust to complete. This experiment in literary genetics is meant to yield a final product that is superior to the original, and that, like offspring, bears the literary DNA of both its parents.

Mark reminded me of the Swink call last weekend. How liberating would it be to dig up a stalled story, turn it over to somebody else and be done with it?

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