Private: Fickle and capricious woman

The results of Eyeshot‘s silent reading.

From Ang: “Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University takes the guess work out of acceptable attire with a handy slide show!”

The Columbia Letters, by Kevin Guilfoile & John Warner.

Illuminated Flemish manuscripts. (From Stephany, via Caterina.)

Alleged Scientology Picture Book from the 70’s. (Also from Stephany, via Boing Boing.)

The best and worst D&D monsters, via Crabwalk.

How some of us feel about our jobs these days. (Also via Crabwalk.)

Photograph of “Eminem, the enfant terrible of rap, dangl[ing] a plastic baby over the edge of his hotel balcony in Glasgow.”

New subject line from my mother this morning:

Fwd: Fw: Fwd: Fw: FW: to a child. do not delete (aol is tracking this).