Fem books

Zulkey offers up her thoughts on chick lit and provides an excerpt of her forthcoming novel in that genre:

Natasha walked into her apartment and threw her shopping bags on the table. How was she able to afford this apartment, her shopping, her nightlife, and her daily brunches with her girlfriends on her measly paycheck? Who knew. Was it really important? What was important was that she was fabulous. And had fabulous friends.

But then there was Johnny Boy. Sure, he was rich, good-looking, snappy, and only showed up to take her to fancy dinners and to bed, but Natasha was sure there was something wrong with him. There just had to be! Natasha huffed to the kitchen and devoured an entire Hershey’s Kiss. When she realized what she had done, she ran to the bathroom and vomited it up.

Send her an excerpt of your own chick lit work-in-progress.

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