Private: Falling behind

My next novel excerpt is due in class on March 18.

I worked on it a little bit this weekend. I also had a date with Max, recorded vocals, met with a professor, had drinks in the West Village with one friend, had dinner with another friend in Park Slope, went to a party, went to Sunday brunch with more friends, read for my literature class, critiqued manuscripts for my novel-writing class, answered email that had been sitting around for a couple of weeks, talked with my sister…

I need to slow down, at least until I get the next novel excerpt in and find a new place to live. The slower pace may result in less blogging, or it may result in more (short bursts of procrastination are essential to my creative process), but it will almost definitely result in less email being sent to friends, fewer phone conversations, and very little bar-hopping.

Apart from my novel, I need to be critiquing the manuscripts of some very talented writers at Zoetrope who’ve been kind to me of late. I need to be working on a pitch for a tax article that someone suggested I send to The Nation or Z Magazine. I have a musician interview in the works, several unfinished short stories and brief nonfiction pieces on hold, and I need to update my other website soon.

Oh, and I have this other thing called a job. I’m falling behind there, too.

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