Excuses and snippets

This morning I had to pull out the attorney gear and belatedly remembered that I got rid of most of my suits, which were out of style, in January. I’d planned to buy more, but suit shopping reminds me of lawyering. So I never got around to it.

Now I’m wearing a cobbled-together, semi-professional looking thing, and I’m off to one of these lawyer-y conferences that my job occasionally requires me to attend.

Some items you may wish to view until my return (which may be soon, or may not be until Monday):

Real-life stories of working at Barnes & Noble. (Via TMN.)

USA Today on the popularity of The Da Vinci Code.

The re-award (to Mary Laven) of the Llewellyn Rhys Prize originally rejected by Hari Kunzru (Via MobyLives.)

Fran Lebowitz still recovering from a “23-year-old case of writer’s block.”

More on the revival of classics. (Via Publisher’s Lunch.)

Customized classics, where you can be the star of a classic novel. (Via TMN.)

Elizabeth Bishop: Crusoe in England (in honor of Coetzee’s Nobel acceptance speech).

Le style indirect libre.


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