Everything’s a little more mellow in Iowa

The latest “Rejection Letters from the Eyeshot Outbox” (Volume 6) reveal a slightly mellowed (but still print-disparaging) Lee Klein:

Thanks for sending this! It starts out well and is very smooth and nicely written, but I think it’s better off for print than the web. Or if you’re a huge e-lit enthusiast and all, then it’s probably better off on a site that’s a little more traditional than Eyeshot. I might have missed them, but I don’t think there were any talking animals in this one, nor were there clouds that ejaculate bluebirds and redbirds and hummingbirds, no highways suddenly deciding to take to the skies, no allusions to bad TV or good literature, no unpronouncable words, not nearly enough three-letter words, and not nearly enough words that stand for colors that look like sounds that sound like smells etc.

(I try to keep up with Eyeshot, but thanks to Susannah for drawing my attention to this one early yesterday morning.)