Private: Emergency preparedness

Have you picked up your duct tape and plastic sheeting yet?

Stash for personal use notwithstanding, I’m still unprepared.

If I don’t get on the ball, I’ll end up improvising with papier-mâché and silk scarves. Complete vulnerability. But, oh, what a bastion of security my apartment would be if I had some plastic to tape over the windows!

Those who can secure access to a basement and some wooden joists, will be, as my late Texan grandmother would have said, “really shittin’ and flyin’.” *

Be prepared to disassemble your snack bar, though. (Courtesy of Dr. Strangelove, Martha Stewart, and SubIntSoc.)

* Used, e.g., to describe neighbors who bought a new Lincoln Continental after the death of the wife’s father: “They’re really shittin’ & flyin’ now.”

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