Electronic literary publications

Also in PW, Katherine Swiggart acknowledges the increasing importance of electronic literary publications. She mentions two excellent online offerings: Jacket and Richmond Review.

Otherwise, however, Swiggart seems to focus on the “collaborative” aspects of online journals, calling them “the open studios of editors, writers, and designers.”She mentions Born Magazine’s “Birthing Room and Just Born sections, where some of the most innovative collaborative work on the Web can be found.” Other collaborative sites noted by Swiggart include arras, BeeHive, Cauldron & Net, and the Iowa Review Web.

I don’t recall seeing any group efforts at the Iowa Review Web, which has published some fine work.

In my view, Swiggart’s is a scattershot overview at best. For a more extensive selection, see the Web Del Sol’s Portal Del Sol or Ben Hammersley’s Guardian article, both of which which include links to many of my favorite literary publications. Or just start on my links page (toward the bottom), or with the excellent list at the Mississippi Review.

My advice: find the sites featuring writing you like. Bookmark them. Then follow links from those to kindred sites. Winnow, and bookmark.

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