Private: Dreaming of a sunny Christmas

Early Friday morning, I fly south for my annual Christmastime love affair with South Florida.

Hibiscus! Fake snow! Peacocks! The ocean! The sun! Well-done maduros!

(To tell the truth, the last two Christmases have been weird, but I won’t be seeing the instigator of weirdness, so this year should be a warm and cozy celebration with Max’s dad and stepmom and daughter and brothers…)

Internet access will be intermittent, but I won’t be completely cut off.

Tonight I’m trying to finish a story for my poor, neglected MiamiStories.

Theoretically I’m trying to finish it. In fact I’m sitting here on my ass, blogging, instead. I don’t have high hopes for the story, but I’ve got to break the silence.

Off to write!

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