Don’t you dare touch Ramona!

I think I mentioned that the plans were in the works, but now it’s official–the Nancy Drew series has been “updated” for a new audience:

Instead of using a third-person narrator, the new series, aimed at readers ages 8-12, is written in a chatty first-person voice. This time out, Nancy’s a little older (19 instead of still in high school), computer-savvy and environmentally friendly (she’s swapped the Mustang convertible for a hybrid car). There’s also an increased emphasis on the history and culture of Drew’s hometown, River Heights.

Some fans applaud the updates and believe other series should follow suit:

“I feel bad for (Beverly Cleary’s) Ramona Quimby — she’s still wearing wool underwear and galoshes,” [says one fan]. “She’s still stuck in the 1950s.”

Maybe that’s because the series is set in the 1950’s. My stepdaughter doesn’t have a problem with it. (Via Bookninja.)

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