Doesn’t that last one sound like something from McSweeney’s?

This month marks 150 years since Charles Dickens’ Hard Times appeared. Mark Sanderson of the Daily Telegraph lists some of the other titles Dickens considered for the book:

Fact, Hard-headed Gradgrind, Mr Gradgrind’s Facts, The Gradgrind Philosophy, Our Hard-headed Friend, Hard Heads and Soft Hearts, Black and White, According to Cocker, Prove It, Stubborn Things, The Grindstone, Two and Two Are Four, Simple Arithmetic, A Mere Question of Figures, Something Tangible and Rust and Dust. Dickens always had difficulty with titles. Martin Chuzzlewit, for example, could have ended up as Martin Sweetledew, Martin Chuzzletoe, Martin Sweetleback or Martin Sweetlewag and Bleak House narrowly missed being christened Tom-All-Alone’s Factory that Got Into Chancery and Never Got Out.

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