Private: Delightful little dim sum dumplings

This weekend Max & I gave a friend’s birthday short shrift, and I forgot that I’d made brunch plans with another friend, who was remarkably understanding (especially considering that she sat waiting at the appointed spot for an hour or so).

Beginning with a rehearsal dinner on Friday night, we were caught up in the whirlwind wedding festivities of some friends.

All weekend long we basked in their glow and ate like royalty and drank good wine. At the reception on Saturday night (held at the Puck Building), we danced into the wee hours.

The celebration culminated yesterday morning with dim sum in Chinatown.

I’m a pain in the ass to eat dim sum with, since I don’t consume beef, pork, or poultry, and I’m always peering into the dumplings and trying to identify their ingredients without calling attention to my weird eating habits.

Luckily, our friends who got married keep kosher. While the demands of a kosher diet are different from my own bizarre, pseudo-vegetarian rules, the wife’s unparalleled skill at figuring out the contents of dumplings through their dainty little wrappings came in handy. She helped me find the shrimp and vegetable offerings.

Unfortunately, something I ate must have disagreed with me because I’ve, um, had some digestive troubles since yesterday afternoon.

I was hoping to make it to the Dog & Pony Show tonight, but in light of my gurgling stomach, right now I’m just wondering if it will be logistically possible for me to work the full day.

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