Private: Crummy weekend

Some good things happened this weekend. I went to the peace protest and Maxx Klaxon’s birthday party.

But then I:

(1) found out that my grandmother is in the hospital and has been since last Wednesday;

(2) fell and bruised my face and knee and ruined my glasses; and

(3) lost my wallet, with all of my identification in it.

Grandma’s status, according to Uncle’s email:

Currently she is improving but has been very sick. She has blood poisoning from some unknown source and a kidney infection. They are also concerned about diabetes. She is receiving antibiotics from a drip (Cipro) and is finally able to eat a little bit.

Your grandfather is confused. This has thrown him for a loop and he is
not able to process or handle it all. [My aunt] is stepping in and trying
to get him settled.

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