The Onion A.V. Club profiles book designer Chip Kidd. Here’s an excerpt:

O: This is probably an insulting question, but do you read everything that you design?

CK: That is so fucking insulting. How dare you. [Laughs.] I’m morally obligated to say yes, and I almost always do, but I should probably ‘fess up. I often don’t have time. I’m a very slow reader…. With the last Donna Tartt novel, The Little Friend, I had half a manuscript. Of course, that book being the volume it is, half a manuscript is something like 600 pages. I didn’t need to know how it was going to end, because you don’t want to give that away anyway. That was enough. Others, you get even less. Like with Cormac McCarthy, or Michael Crichton while he was still at Knopf—I no longer work on his stuff—I wouldn’t even get a title. Inevitably, somebody from marketing would call me up and ask if I had anything to show. Without even a title. Which is like something out of a bad TV show: “No, I’m not actually going to have a jacket until we know what the title is.”

(Via Rake’s Progress.)