Clearly I’m going about this all wrong

Business Week reports on independent reporters who use their personal websites to fund investigative journalism:

[F]reelance journalist Christopher Allbritton … spent $3,000 for a Kurdish guide to take him over the fortified and mountainous Turkish border into the land of Saddam Hussein. Thirty-six grueling hours later, he stumbled into the country. He then spent three weeks reporting from Iraq, breaking news on the fall of Tikrit and highlighting the “Yugoslavia-style” ethnic tensions between Kurds, Arabs, Turkomen, and Assyrians.

Allbritton didn’t have a juicy contract with The Washington Post or CNN. Rather, his trip was funded by 320 people who donated $14,334 through his Web site,

Judy Stoffman argues that the posthumous publication of new work by great writers isn’t a good idea when, as in the case of Virginia Woolf, the new writings reveal “snobbishness, class bias and casual anti-Semitism.” (Thanks to Jon for the link.)

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