Caitlin Flanagan: also attending the same cocktail parties as Remnick, apparently

The New York Observer reports:

Los Angeles-based writer Caitlin Flanagan will join The New Yorker as a staff writer. Since 2001, Ms. Flanagan has written essays and book reviews for The Atlantic Monthly, where she was twice nominated for the National Magazine Award. At The New Yorker, she’ll write pieces on “modern domestic life.”

Hey, great. Maybe Remnick can get Ashcroft in to write some pieces about “modern nudity and religion” and Trent Lott to consider “modern race issues” and Pat Robertson to wax philosophical about “modern gay life.”

Further reading:

  • More Flanagan diatribes available here and here.
  • Bob Cook comments elsewhere: “If Caitlin Flanagan were a Southern woman in the 1840s, she would have slaves, but she’d feel REALLY BAD about it.”

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