Buy Nothing Day

Today is supposed to be the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States, isn’t it? I believe it is also the day designated as Buy Nothing Day by the Adbusters folks. Those Adbusters folks go straight for the jugular. I’d be tempted to find out the day most people get their maxed-out credit card bills in January and then call that one Buy Nothing Day.

I’d say I’m more of an inactivist than an activist. So you’d think I’d be good at taking part in a day when you’re NOT supposed to do something. But no. It’s hard not to buy anything for an entire day. I tried it once. I planned for it — I bought twice as much food the day before. And then I got confused. If on Buy Nothing Day I consumed the food I’d purchased the day before, well, wasn’t I still somehow buying it? I supposed the Adbusters folks were eating only roots and berries, stuff they could find in nature. Or out of a dumpster. I briefly considered both of those options. And then I went out and bought a cup of coffee. I don’t think you can find good coffee in a dumpster. Passable muffins or fair bagels, sure, but coffee? I doubt it.

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