Private: Borges on Canada, more

Here’s an excerpt from a 1968 interview with Jorge Luis Borges:

DB: Borges, if you were preparing a radio program about yourself and you wanted to introduce it by describing yourself and your work, what would you say?

JLB: Well, I suppose I think of myself as a writer, and I also think of myself as a professor of English literature and—but this, of course, is a kind of secret—as a student of old English, Anglo Saxon. And sometimes I think of myself as a very perplexed man, but now, perhaps because I am in Canada, I think of myself as being quite a happy man and full of hope for the future.

Also, I trot this one out from time to time (and it’s already been Metafiltered) but if you haven’t visited The Book of Sand, a puzzle based on a Borges story, you might enjoy it.