Private: Boot sadness

favorite bootsNot so very long ago, I was in love with my newest pair of boots.

Can you blame me?

Sadly, one of those rose medallions at the heel fell off just before Christmas.

After the initial shock, I’ve kind of been in denial about the loss.

I’ve continued to wear them as though they’re still the same boots I loved back in November.

But the truth is that they’re not the same. They’re dusty and weather-worn and, without the dual rose medallions binding us together, our relationship has reached a crisis point.

some of my other bootsI shouldn’t be sad. After all, it’s not like they’re my only pair of boots.

I should probably admit that I have a veritable bevy of boots. It’s a challenge to fit them all in my closet.

In fact, I have so many that I’m willing to consider the possibility that I have a bit of a boot problem.still more boots

But, hey, what can I say? It’s hard to let go. I have dreams of restoring my favorite boots to their former glory.

So, I beseech you: can anybody point me to a magical Manhattan cobbler (I hear such people exist) who might be able to replace that missing rose?

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