Private: Booker Prize Long List

Pasha Malla of Montreal meant to link something about the Booker Prize long list before he left but something went wonky and the link didn’t get posted. So here’s a BBC news article about it. And here are some Guardian articles on the subject, as well. (I would’ve linked to the prize site directly but they’ve got too much fancy visual stuff to wade through before you actually get to the list.)

As you may have noticed, Pasha Malla and I are both Canadians and so we, along with the CBC, are pleased to note that Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake and Barbara Gowdy’s The Romantic made the list this year. Pasha says, “I think Graham Swift might take it. Although I would love it if Barbara Gowdy won. She rocks.”

A couple of Sundays ago I saw Barbara Gowdy talking about her childhood on the documentary series Growing Up Canadian. When she recited old jump rope rhymes her shoulders moved around almost involuntarily, as if she couldn’t quite remember the words without the accompanying physical action. It was very endearing. And it made me laugh.