Bloody Mary morning

Last night I went to bed just after 5 a.m., after a manic burst of unpacking. I could actually see patches of the floor when I was done.

I awoke an hour behind schedule, sore and bruised, my nails splitting and misshapen.

Fortunately my friend Dana also forgot about the time change. And I cared far less about the soreness and state of my hands after she whisked me off to brunch at Enid’s–a meal made all the more delightful by a large Bloody Mary. Oh, and the conversation.

Tonight the home computer is set up, so I can finally check my email from the new place.

For anyone considering a move to Greenpoint: it turns out that the G train is a viable train on weekdays during rush hour. On weekends, not so much, but then I can always walk my lazy ass over the bridge to the 7 or shlep over to the L.

And, like many a Greenpoint settler before me, I’ve discovered the many delights of the Garden. A pound of fresh tabouleh, $4.29. Fresh pierogi. Exotic cheeses. Organic fruits and vegetables.

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