Private: Blood but not too much

From “Every One of These Small Things Is A Tooth,” by Stephany Aulenback, in a new online journal called GutCult:

….And here they come. A girl and a boy who’ve paired themselves off. They tend to do that more often at this time of year and that’s why the old man’s been sitting out here waiting, a bottle of beer sticking out from between his legs. He likes to watch the way they paw at each other and dig into each other’s necks and faces with their tongues. And besides, the sun feels real nice on his face. This girl has a rear end on her that moves like a dinging bell. This boy has a puffy pink mouth, like a girl’s….

Also in the debut issue: an interview with George Saunders, in which he says that he envisions his reader:

as being very smart and worldly and cognizant of the fact that he or she has only a short time on the planet in the best case, and so they are looking for a sort of ‘entertainment’ that has to do with intensity and depth and does not have to do with facile kicks or stupidity or denial.