Blogs pushing magazine sales down? Also, blog links and comments considered.

Sales of magazines at the newsstand are down, according to a Women’s Wear Daily article. Terry makes the case at About Last Night that weblogs are partly responsible for the decline:

Nowhere in the story does the author suggest that blogging might be pulling newsstand sales downward—but I have no doubt that it is. In fact, my guess is that the emergence of blogging will transform the periodical business beyond recognition, as more people come to rely on links as their primary means of reading most magazines.

Links being as important as they are, it strikes me that bloggers ought to be scrupulous about giving credit where credit is due–and not merely to the original publication, either.

Elsewhere, Choire Sicha advocates comment-less blogs:

[A]nonymous comments actually encourage shitty behavior. It allows people to say things they’d be ashamed to say to anyone’s face. It’s one thing to be a bitch all day under your own name — that goes on your permanent record. It’s entirely another thing to drop into someone’s website and leave off-hand and off-topic, and misguided or slanderous bullshit. We never have the opportunity to know whether those comments are the result of a personal grudge, or a drunken night out, or worse, that the person commenting anonymously is someone we otherwise trust at their own website or elsewhere in the world.

So, stop allowing nasty people to add unnecesary conflict to the internet experience. Just because we have technology to allow commenting doesn’t mean it should be indulged. Let all those nasty people send anonymous hate via email, the old-fashioned way.

If people want to join in the discussion, let them get their own webspace. Believe me, any idiot can set up a website, I’m living proof.

(Via Old Hag.)

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