Private: Bloggers’ 2003 literary picks

In Newley Purnell’s “My Favorite Bloggers’ Favorite Books of 2003,” Dana reveals that her favorite book of 2003 is the current edition of the Chicago Manual of Style:

It’s really awesome, and totally scandalous in that they’ve changed a whole buncha rules (no more periods in degree abbreviations! Horreur!) and offered, for the first time, a grammar section.

Choire Sicha says:

clearly: the best book published in 2003 was Joan Didion’s Where I Was From, with its absolutely startling end and painful roaming. Honestly I have no idea if the Didion book was as brilliant as I think it is, as I was overwhelmed this year myself by a return to the California of my childhood. My California, it turns out, was identically fraudulent to hers. Horrible amazing place — soon enough I’ll be compelled to live there as punishment, I’m sure.