Blogger in hot water

There’s a big brouhaha over blogger Daniel Radosh’s criticisms of New York Times Magazine reporter Peter Landesman’s recent story about sex slaves. Radosh felt Landesman’s reporting was sloppy so he made an off-hand, somewhat irresponsible comparison to Stephen Glass. It was the flippant kind of remark bloggers toss off all the time. But Landesman hit the roof — he threatened to sue. From a Slate piece on the subject:

On Monday evening, a shaken Radosh forwarded to me an e-mail in which Landesman promised Radosh legal and professional ruin at the hands of his lawyers, Times lawyers, and in the pages of the Times itself. The e-mail, which Radosh won’t release in full, said the blogger would soon regret having written his column, as would Shafer of Slate. Landesman followed the e-mail with what Radosh describes as a 20-minute angry rant on the telephone, which repeated and amplified the threats. After concluding the phone call, Radosh revised his blog and expressed regrets there for having linked Landesman’s name to that of Glass, writing, “Whatever problems Landesman’s article has, I don’t think any of it was fabricated and I shouldn’t have implied such a thing.”

The “edit” button on this thing? One of my favourite features.

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