Blog Day Afternoon

In an effort to avoid making more of a royal ass of myself than is customary, I did a little research into this whole blogging racket. I found some handy details in an old New Yorker article, by Rebecca Mead:

Blogger, which can be used free on the Internet, is a tool for creating a new
kind of Web site that is known as a “weblog,” or “blog,” of which Megnut is an example. A blog consists primarily of links to other Web sites and commentary about those links. Having a blog is rather like publishing your own, on-line version of Reader’s Digest, with daily updates: you troll the Internet, and, when you find an article or a Web site that grabs you, you link to it–or, in weblog parlance, you “blog” it. Then other people who have blogs–they are known as bloggers–read your blog, and if they like it they blog your blog on their own blog.

Blogs often consist of links to articles that readers might otherwise have missed, and thus make for informative reading: it was via an excellent blog called Rebecca’s Pocket that I learned, for instance, that the Bangkok transit authority had introduced a ladies-only bus to protect female passengers from strap-hanging molestation. It also led me to a site devoted to burritos, where I underwent an on-line burrito analysis, in which my personality type was diagnosed according to my favorite burrito elements: “Your pairing of a meat-free burrito and all those fatty toppings indicates a dangerous ability to live with illusions.”

Here’s a picture of the Comic Book Guy eating a burrito:

Hey, look! I’m blogging!

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