Big Day Tomorrow

Oh, we’re all in a tizzy here today. The word around town is that “the woman Steph got off the internet” is coming tomorrow. There hasn’t been this much anticipation in the air since Franklyn Ernst’s Swedish bride arrived. He met her online, too, in a chatroom devoted to the subject of raising ferrets.

We’re so excited, in fact, that as soon as Maud gets here, descendants of the Founding Families are going to reenact their ancestors’ landing down at the Government Wharf. There’ll be costumes and everything. We have to wait to see Maud’s new haircut, though, before we can properly assign her a role.

Posting today may be light as I gather provisions, churn butter, and finish stuffing Maud’s mattress with fresh* straw.

*Well, freshish straw. It’s been a wet spring.